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Legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine . The Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters website would not be complete without a word or two describing its namesake. Legend has it that located somewhere around 40-50 miles east of Phoenix Arizona in the awe-inspiring Superstition Mountains, is a hidden gold mine that has been sought by many. Goodwill donation pick up
Watch Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine Online: The complete guide by MSN. Full Series: every season & episode. Click here and start watching Gold Rush: Dave Turin's Lost Mine in seconds.

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Sources differ as to the origins of the gold, some say it came from the California gold fields, others say it was gold from the lost Rhodes mine. Whatever the source, there was gold, and coins were produced. Just how many is the basis of this legend!

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Although the excitement has since waned, interest in Arkansas's diamond mine remains high. About 120,000 people come to Huddleston's old farm site, now the Crater of Diamonds State Park, each year to search for these precious gems. The crater is the only diamond mine in the world where the public can pay a fee to dig and keep any gems they find.

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Popular Lost Dutchman Links: - Superstition Mountain Museum. - Tom Kollenborn's Kollenborn Chronicles. - Thomas Glover's The Lost Dutchman Mine of Jacob Waltz. - Lost Dutchman Gold Mine Forum. - Desert USA Forums.

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To this day, throngs of gold "enthusiasts" practice old and new techniques in search of that 'color.' If these gold seekers seem distant and guarded, it's with good reason: according to the U.S Forest Service, and the 1928 Mining Act, it's illegal to remove minerals from the San Gabriel River.

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Jun 13, 2008 · This abandoned gold mine on Quartz Mountain in California dates from the mid-1800s. More than 47,000 abandoned mines are a treacherous legacy of the search for gold and other minerals and metals.

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Dromio, Dromio II, and Louisa, are easily accessible mining claims, off Bachelor Loop, which gives opportunity to live the secluded mountain dream! 23.49 acres combined with several building sites to choose from. Spectacular panoramic views, enclosed in trees, and surrounded by the National Forest.

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Apr 24, 2019 · Transylvania, Romania – In 2013, Rosia Montana was almost destroyed to make way for a gold mine – plans that continue to haunt the village which sits in the Apuseni Mountains of western...

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From 1877 to 1882, Bodie was a bustling town with more than 10,000 residents and produced more than $35 million in gold and silver. Today, with the gold mining days of California a distinct memory with almost 200 abandoned wooden buildings in a state of "arrested decay" to photograph and explore. Peek in the windows of the church, schoolhouse, barbershop and saloon, where bottles, desks and other relics remain.

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May 08, 2012 · lost gold mines of colorado, lost skinner mine, lost treasures in colorado, the lost skinner mine. Click on a term to search for related topics.

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Lost Rhoades gold mine. In the early days of Utah's settlement, Brigham Young reportedly assigned pioneer Thomas Rhoades to retrieve gold from a mine known to the Ute Indians. When Thomas became ...

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